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Maxwell Maltz on Life Energy

Excerpted from Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz:

The energy that heals a wound is the same energy that keeps all our other body organs functioning. When this energy is at an optimum, all our organs function better. We feel good, wounds heal faster, we are more resistant to disease, we recover from any sort of stress faster, we feel and act younger and, in fact, biologically, we are younger. It is thus possible to correlate the various manifestations of this life force and to assume that whatever works to make more of this life force available to us, whatever opens to us a greater influx of life’s stuff, whatever helps us utilize it better helps us all over. We may conclude that whatever nonspecific therapy aids wounds to heal faster might also make us feel younger. Whatever nonspecific therapy helps us overcome aches and pains might, for example, improve our eyesight, and this is precisely the direction that medical research is now taking, and that appears most promising.

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Moving With Chi

Doing tai chi is often confused with doing forms.

Forms are a means to an end.

The end is to move with chi.

Can forms help you to move with chi?  Perhaps.

Are forms required to move with chi?  Certainly not.

When doing forms

and when not doing forms

the question tai chi asks is

“Are you moving with chi?”

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