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How To Achieve Tai Chi Posture In An Instant

To find your proper posture, visualize that you are wearing a heavy, lead-filled backpack, with the straps resting squarely on the bony parts of your shoulders.  What’s more, imagine that you will have to wear that backpack all day long, and stand so that you can bear the weight indefinitely.  This will make you sensitive to the slightest deviation from ideal alignment with gravity.

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Acting Sick

How we use our bodies has a lot to do with determining how we feel. Generally, the more sick you act the more sick you will feel.

When you are sick, do you allow your posture to slouch, your feet to shuffle, and your breath to become rapid and shallow? Or do you hold yourself open and aligned and allow your movements to glide, no matter how slowly? This will go a long way towards determining how well you feel and how quickly you recover.

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