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The Marble And The Stick

In Western medicine, the body’s natural state is death and decay. Health is like a stick balanced precariously on its end, an unstable equilibrium the maintenance of which requires constantly inputting energy and impeding the natural progression of entropy. The role of a healer is to “prop up” the body’s state of health to prevent it from degenerating further. Being healthy means there’s nothing wrong with you, and this is the highest state one can achieve: non-disease and non-injury.

In Eastern medicine, the body’s natural state is optimal health. Like a marble at the bottom of a bowl, the body seeks this stable equilibrium constantly, and the only thing that can keep it from coming to rest there is persistent obstructive influences. The role of a healer is to remove the obstructions that are preventing the body from achieving optimal health. Non-disease and non-injury is the starting point for cultivating health, which is something that can be increased indefinitely.

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